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"When you smoke cigarettes, burning the tobacco produces tar, which is resinous, partially combusted particulate matter. Tar coats your lungs, covering and eventually killing the cilia and often causing lung cancer. The vapor in e-cigs has no tar by virtue of the fact that you're not burning anything. You're vaporizing it. It's an indisputable fact: there is no tar in e-cigs." (ARE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES SAFE?)

Vape Escape | 117 Portland St., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) have gained popularity fast over the last few years. Sales are expected to reach $1.7 billion in 2013, a 240% increase over 2012, according to Wells Fargo projections.


If you've ever quit cigarettes before, you know that feeling where you can actually take a full, deep breath. Your lungs are healing from years of being coated with tar and other junk, and you can finally take full breaths. Although the e-cig hasn't been proven to be totally safe, it's definitely a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Any experienced vaper will tell you how much better he feels and breathes after making the switch. There's no tar, and there are no known carcinogens.

Penn and Teller BS

"The best way to gain attention in today's media world is a negative story, a scare story. Scare sells."

Vape shops becoming a more common sight across Nova Scotia

"I went to the Dartmouth store yesterday for the first time and I liked the setup they have there better than any of the other stores I've been in so far. Jon Borelli seems to be a really nice guy who knows his stuff."