A - Web Page + Javascript

The input form and is what the client sees. The php that exists on this page is very minimal. It consists of includes and function calls which only take up a few lines. The purpose of this page is to collect information from the client. The javascript is included in the head of the document. Text that gets entered into the input fields is validated by the javascript. The information entered must conform to certain specifications. If those specifications are violated, the text is rejected, and a pop-up informs the user that he must try again.

B - php script (processing)

This page is quite detailed, but it's processed in the blink of an eye. Here is the where the database connection string is executed. After a successful connection is made, there is a sequence of SQL commands that push data into the remote database table. If the data keys are successfully pushed in the appropriate holes, then the php script has completed it's task and a final command redirects the user inside the program. The user now has a membership and should be logged on as a user with different options to participate.

C - Consequences

The consequences to a successful registration can evolve. We're currently reseaching how to send the users login information to their email account. At the most basic level, after stage B, the user is simply directed inside. The user should see "Hello," followed by his or her username. The user should also see an option to log out.