Web Programming Work Term | October 24th - January 23rd


Thanks for your interest in art, programming and philosophy. This document is a review of the skills that working with us involves.

Working with mySQL

This work involves both the construction of SQL commands, as well as navigating the phpmyadmin database. Our job is to design the goal, all of the sub-goals and to communicate the necessary tasks that need to be done to research and create the SQL queries and php handling that make the art come to life.

Working with no me | Working from Home

If you can google and problem solve what needs to be done, there are days where you can work from home. However, there will be times where we need you here to go over plans that are much easier to communicate and understand in person. If you want to work from home, we need to make sure you have phpmyadmin working with netbeans and x-debug and cpanel.

PHP Resources

X-Debug and Wamp

X-Debug and Wamp -- installing xdebug on WAMP requires some hidden steps to sucesfully load module. This article was helpful for me.

local testing server in Dreamweaver

The following instructions outline the general principles of setting up a testing server. Setting Up Testing Server.

How To Upload PDF Files With PHP

Upload PDF Files with PHP PHP has an upload function that handles uploading files to the web server.

Top 10 phpmyadmin Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

Despite approaching its 12th birthday, phpMyAdmin is still under active development, with at least one significant version released every year since the project's inception. This article focuses on 10 useful phpMyAdmin features which may have escaped you during your daily interaction. phpmyadmin Tips and Tricks

Uploading Files onto the Server with PHP handling

How to Upload a file onto the server with php hanlding. Upload a file with php