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Active Learning Tutoring

"It is far easier to concentrate power than to concentrate knowledge. That is why so much social engineering backfires and why so many despots have led their countries into disasters." - Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society

"Easy does it. Other people are gonna try, hard, to rope us into their realities, their battles, their processes - sometimes at the cost of our stability. We can learn to realize when this is happening and pump the brakes.You're more and more in charge of your energy investments." (Dr. Glen Doyle)

"It is unbelievable the number of miscreants, users, charlatans, parasites, cretins, scammers, etc. that will come at you the more successful you become. While most people are lovely and supportive, some are an affront to human dignity." (Gad Saad)

"Part of Phil McGraw's Career was spent as a consultant for legal related matters. Many times he appears as a judge or a lawyer and he discusses how much experience he has in all these areas. I mentioned his fascination with finding the truth, but also his style has this cross examination feel to it, like he's trying to get people to admit to something against interest. It's not a counselors job to incriminate their patient, I don't really see that as part of their job at all. We see that Phil McGraw does that quite a bit. Using canned, witty statements. We see he uses the same canned statements over and over. We see little depth, no reading of scientific literature. It's disappointing because it seems he can't adapt to a situation that is changing, an inability to go into deep water, he can't handle being challenged by guests, he can't handle twists and turns that might come up." (Dr. Todd Grande, mistakes we can learn from)



"The word civilization actually means courtesy, and where this fails the community develops collective neuroses. The moment harmony fails, barbarism sets in." ~ Manly P. Hall (PRS Journal Summer 1973, p. 2)